Solutions will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Desirability - How well does the solution fulfill a meaningful need and fit into people's lives?
  2. Feasibility - How likely can the solution be implemented, will it work in the real world, and is it financially viable?
  3. Impact - How deep and broad is the potential social and/or environmental impact?
  4. Novelty - How unique is the solution compared to existing alternatives?


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Director, The Basement

Gloria is responsible for directing, designing, and implementing complex large-scale initiatives and related polices. She directs the full spectrum of strategic planning, development, and direction of Basement programs.

Previously, she taught university courses on Mexican-American Studies.

Additionally, Gloria advocates for equity, diversity and inclusivity. Gloria is Native American and the first in her family to earn an advanced degree.

Gloria is also the daughter of migrant farm workers; she grew up in various parts of the border region, and understands the challenges from cultural, academic, and business standpoints.

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Managing Director, California/Bajío Associates

C/BA works to link academic, business and civic enterprises between the Californias. Clark helps those who want to start a business and live in Mexico, and links them with Mexican entrepreneurs. He can help with everything from finding land and a home to health care and insurance. He says he’s asked most often about the business culture of Mexico, and that the biggest misconception is safety and security. “You are as safe, or safer, in Mexico as you are in the United States.”

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Chief Sustainability Officer, City of San Diego

Expertise includes exploring how technology, renewable energy, transportation, green buildings, and climate resilience are included in San Diego’s approach to sustainable communities. 

Masters from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Founding Member and Current Chair of the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative